We have SPAN-approved odor control systems.

Typical application:

a. Sewerage treatment plants
b. Sewerage pumps station.
c. Chemical processing
d. Fertilizer manufacturing
e. Public convenience

All the scrubbers, fans and ducts are custom designed and manufactured from FRP material.

In addition, the light weight FRP ducts (or some client prefer to use uPVC ducts) provides easy installation methods; resulting in lower installation cost at the shortest delivery time possible.

The benefits of using our odor system:

a. Maximum corrosion resistance as we are using FRP material to build the scrubber, the fan and the ducting.
    Therefore, minimum maintenance required.
b. Depend on the type of system; it is ideal for removal of corrosive gases from air stream.
c. High absorption efficiencies.
d. Adjustable flow rate.
e. Custom designed.
f.  Low installation cost.
g. Optimized flow condition.
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